Downward Trajectory

As well as pushing the boundaries, today I crossed one. For the first time in a while my weight dipped to 79.2kg and as you can see that trips me across from “Overweight” and into “Healthy”.

Bmi Chart For Body, Weight And Height For Different Age within Men's Weight Chart By Age And Height

Bmi Chart For Body, Weight And Height For Different Age within Men’s Weight Chart By Age And Height – Menu and Free Printables

Now I’ve always taken these charts with a pinch of salt (although I hear that’s not healthy either), and I’ve always contested the overweight bit as frankly I’m not sure that there is a one size fits all approach to this, (although I’ve taken to choosing Extra large sizes in T-shirts recently). However with the objective of being able to fit into my wing walker cat suit readers will know that I’ve ditched a few of my unhealthy eating habits of late. Mostly its been relatively easy, I’ve changed my lunchtime habit of a sandwich and skipped the evening Beer and Wine and thats been about it. I think I’ve developed a bit more of  sweet tooth than I had before so there has been the occasional cake or donut slipped in for good  (or bad) measure. However yesterday I faced an eating out lunchtime conundrum. I’ve got my folks down for the weekend so we visited the beach and stopped for lunch. I was faced with row upon row of sandwiches, pies and scones, for more than a brief moment I actually considered a pre packed salad, (just for the record I have never ever chosen a salad while eating out in all of my 5 decades), happily  I maintained my unbroken record in that respect but it was a close call. The voice of moderation kicked in and I restricted myself to just the one sandwich (I never know what constitutes “one round” so it was two slices) and it was on brown bread  with no chips well smug.

Todays music homage therefore has to be from my all time favourite singer in his Thin White Duke Period. I can’t quite bring myself to share the 10 minute title track which references him but from the album station to station is the fantastic golden years. Watch out though for future blogs when I will be looking for an excuse to share Young Americans as I just realised it has a reference in it to the Mustang.

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Take That (not the band you’ll be glad to hear) Bread and Booze, today was a milestone. I stepped onto the scales first thing this morning in my normal time slot, in my normal state of dress (that is to say none), and before breakfast as usual but this morning the number started with a 7. 79.9kg to be exact but starting with a 7 nonetheless. So Bread and Booze free diet 1 – Belly fat Nil – Result!

At the start of this journey I topped out at about 83kg, which isn’t huge by any stretch, but for my height and build it puts me well into the overweight category, nor is it a major barrier to doing the wing walk but it was close enough to the max weight limit to have me reaching for the diet cook books and making an effort to shift some timber. I actually enjoy cooking and I’ve found a few new recipes that are easy, tasty and good for the waistline. Well I say good for the waistline but thats the only place where I don’t actually seem to be shifting weight, Face, Chest, Legs all seem a bit thinner, waist stubbornly sticking it out (no pun intended) I’m afraid, nevertheless I’ve got a few weeks to go and I’m now comfortably in the right zone. Excuse the blurry picture but I was a bit excited to tip below 80kgIMG_1054

So whilst I’m probably a bit away from being a supermodel and I’m by no means getting involved in any size shaming, theres a good enough, if slightly tenuous link here to the amazing Kraftwerk to get away with this track in a nod to the Kraftwerk/Metallica comment in my last blog. Enjoy

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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, if you would like to make a donation to Planets they have moved to “My Donate” so I’ve set up a new page on that platform. you can see my wing walk donations page here

Alternatively you can see a lot more information and donate directly to planets by visiting Planets home page

Thank you on behalf of myself and all the guys and gals at Planets

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From B² (no bread, no booze, but donuts allowed) to Big Boys Toys.

Feeling just a little bit smug here this week, although thinking that through is there any such thing as a little bit smug, I guess its one of those either you are or you aren’t things, in which case I just am. Its been a pretty good week, the diet is going pretty well, or at least it was until today when a sugar craving saw me see off a whole packet of chocolate hob nobs (other treats are available), which seemed like a great idea at the time, but wasn’t clever for lots of reasons, not least because I didn’t take enough (for that read any), of my medication with them. Nonetheless I’ve got through the whole week without any booze, and only one very small transgression on the bread front, and as my reward my weight this morning was verging on dropping from starting with an 8, to staring with a 7 which makes me feel a whole lot more confident that I’m on course to be able to take on the wing walk. (four weeks to go).

In other news the bank holiday was unusually sunny and on the Saturday we welcomed the new Mustang into the stable. After years of driving (and being used to the features of) Mercedes, I kept asking the salesman “does it do this/does it do that” he finally came out with a great line, when he said “think of it like this, your Mercedes is Kraftwerk, while the Mustang is Metallica”. – Great line and I’ve since been properly introduced to some new music. It does have some cool features though including the pony puddle lamps, and the option to mix your own colour from a palette for the interior lighting. Ive got a feeling though that I’ll be becoming a lot more familiar with the petrol station forecourt than I was with the Merc. By way of a welcome to the ‘Stang, heres a bit of that Metallica. (enjoy, its still growing on me).

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Properly bothered

So its May the 3rd already, not quite Star Wars day, (an old joke but if you know, (or are a Big Bang Theory fan), you know) but it still means that we have already galloped past the first quarter of the year, and more importantly its now only a month (and a few days) until hopefully I take to the skies with grace and poise. I say hopefully because this morning I tipped the scales at 82kg, that was bone dry, stark naked and before anything had passed my lips this morning, by way of the two cups of tea that I need at 4am to become a (at least semi) functioning human being. And thats why I’m bothered. 5 weeks to go and little brother has pointed out that the Flying Circus website says 82.5kg and I’m guessing thats fully dressed with shoes and after breakfast, although for reasons mentioned in the last blog I may skip breakfast on flying day, just to be on the safe side. Now I’m pretty sure that the application form I filled in said I was 84kg and that the max allowed was 87kg, but can you imagine the disappointment, not to mention the ignomy of being rejected for a few too many bacon baps over the last few weeks. So its time to focus, visualise where I need and want to be in a few weeks time and refresh my efforts to shed just a few pounds. Oh and PS I’m also scared witless about the whole thing. In case a little extra encouragement might be needed my just giving page is here

As I like to put a bit of music in here is the Star Wars theme, May the 4th be with you.

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All the fun of the fair

Its a long time since I’ve been to the funfair, at a guess I’d probably say around 35 years or more. I stopped going after a bit of an unfortunate incident involving a ride that I’ve since found out is called a “Paratrooper” it involves seats hanging from a canopy that go up in the air and spin round, suffice to say it parted me from funfairs ever since (and my stomach contents at the time). I drove past a fair this weekend and was reminded of that incident and then how well that bodes for climbing onto the top wing of an aeroplane. But onwards and upwards, or in fact onwards and downwards. I can report that the donut diet is working its magic and this morning I was one step closer to fighting weight by weighing in at my lowest since Christmas. There is now only a little over a month to go before the big day, I wonder if I can look like one of these two by then.wwpic

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The Naked Mind

For the last week I’ve been reading a new book. Every morning when I scroll through my overnight deluge of (mostly Junk) emails, I have one from Amazon offering me the kindle book deal of the day, it’s nearly always 99p and who wouldn’t take a punt on something with naked in the title for that low price. It’s actually proving to be a really interesting read. It deals with how your mind behaves in the context of obsessive and addictive behaviours particularly with relation to alcohol. I’m only half way through it but the bit I’m finding really interesting is the conflict between the conscious versus the unconscious mind. The premise is that we will all do things that if we made conscious decisions to do we probably rationally and sensibly wouldn’t but that our unconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool, that sometimes leads us in opposite directions.  The unconscious is that bit that keeps us breathing and our hearts beating even whilst we are asleep, but it can also be conditioned to please us and it does this by subconsciously encouraging us to do things that it thinks we want to, or things it believes that we enjoy.

The book deals with society’s attitudes towards drinking and how our minds are conditioned to associate alcohol with relaxation and good times, and that consequently our subconscious mind gives us the green light.

So that’s the heavy bit out of the way, where does this fit in the current scheme of things for me? Well two interlinked bits really. Because I’m really conscious (no pun intended) that my flying weight is borderline I’m really keen to keep on top of it but since deciding that, I’ve been finding that my healthy eating intent has gone out of the window.  On days when I am feeling the pressure of workload more intensely there is a huge temptation (that I find I’m increasingly giving in to) to go on a donut run, which is bad news as they come in packs of 5 and they don’t stay fresh overnight so I’m compelled to eat the lot. however I think I’ve unwittingly made a major dietary breakthrough because yesterday was a multi donut day and yet this morning I was a kilo lighter than I had been the day before, plus I got 4 of my five a day from all the jam. However I have to confess that my daily  weigh in borrows heavily from the title of todays blog, and I’m not sure that on the big day the flying circus are going to be that keen on weighing me naked. So plan B, up the exercise and this weekend I’m signed up for a decent cycle ride in the forest, lets hope that deals with a few calories.

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Alarm(ing) Call

A friend of mine, I’ll call him Graham (mainly because that is his name) has recently had a wake up call and has decided to blog about it in an attempt to raise awareness of his condition, lets call it a heart attack (since that’s what it was). Glad to say he got the right help at the right time and is on the up. Grahams Blog if you fancy a read, he’s a pretty amusing chap so it will be worth a look and you might even learn something.

Which brings me back on topic, its been about 6 years now since I was lucky enough to have my wake up call, I say lucky enough because although they are pretty dire at the time some of us are lucky enough to get them and have the opportunity to reassess, whilst others get no warning and no second chances. I’ll leave it to Graham to tell you what his reassessment of life means, but in my case I was already pretty fit and healthy and whilst I now make a much more determined effort to stay in good condition, I’ve also got a hopefully healthier outlook in so much as I think I have a more balanced view of what is important in life and equally what isn’t. I also am a firm believer that as you don’t know what is around the corner then life is for living, and the saying do something every day that scares you is probably behind this years challenge. I am equally as terrified as I am excited by the prospect of the upcoming wing walk. And whilst it’s not actually doing something scary every day it’s looming on the horizon (excuse the pun) and it’s scary enough to account for the next few weeks.

My other bit of news this week meets both the criteria (live life/be scared), I’m a bit of a car fan and for the last three years (since it was launched in Europe), or more truthfully for a bit longer I’ve had a hankering to get myself a Ford Mustang. Opportunity knocked on my door last week and as the Merc is coming to the end of its contract, a new Lightning Blue Convertible Mustang is winging (or should that be stampeding) its way in my direction. It’s no Mercedes ride, its raw round the edges, its not sensible or rational, but its a Mustang, oh and apparently it has puddle lights that project an image of a mustang on the ground when it unlocks.

As you know I like to add a bit of music to these blogs and this week I can’t think of anything better than this. Enjoy, and be scared! (ps I chose the Wilson Pickett original as I think its better than the remake, lets hope that isnt true of the actual car)

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Back on Track

Well there is only so much training you can do for a wing walk (by my estimates, exactly the square root of zero), so I’m focusing my attentions elsewhere for the time being. Truth be told I’m actually scared witless about this year’s endeavour and so whilst it looms on the horizon I’m turning all of my attention to other physical activities to try to get my weight in check, and keep my mind off the actual flight.

Early March saw me off to the slopes where I covered a decent amount of ground and (like pretty much everywhere) we got a good fall of snow, but I also managed to put on a couple of pounds, so it’s really time to get serious. I’m currently logging my miles for an initiative called #NHS1000miles which is based on the premise that by getting more exercise we can all reduce our impact on the NHS and give it a birthday present. For those not in the know the NHS is 70 this year. I’m surprised at how easy it is to rack up miles and I’ve logged almost half of the target already. Sadly that doesn’t seem to reflect in my waistline or indeed (more importantly) on my “Bottom line”.

I’ve also just recently found out about Dally Rallies. These are events were like-minded people (i.e. Dalmatian owners) get together en mass and go for a walk, and so this weekend I attended my first. It was an absolute blast, 16 Dalmatians and their various assorted Humans walking in the New Forest, now usually when I’m out with the spots I will invariably meet people who wonder over how unusual it is to meet a Dal. and as I was at the front of the pack for most of yesterday’s walk I met my share of them, including the usual “Where are the other 100?”, be careful what you wish for! I thought as the prospect of a marauding pack of black, brown and white spots was just around the next corner. We covered about 9km yesterday and I’m guessing the dogs at least doubled that judging by the quiet afternoon that we had.

IMG_2951I’ve also signed up to do the 2018 Seahorse swim, which takes place at the glorious Studland bay in July so I’ve got an incentive to get into the pool and do some distances.

And finally after reading lots about “empty calories”, I’ve decided to go dry until the walk. Apparently it’s not just that alcohol doesn’t add much nutritionally to the diet it also increases your propensity to munch on other snacks etc that you don’t really need and that don’t really help, so there you have it a dual pronged attack on my waistline, exercise more, drink and eat less, its not rocket science is it?

Anyway back to my #nhs1000miles here are the Proclaimerswith half of it, enjoy!

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Blessed are the Cheese Makers (mmm….Cheese)

I consider myself to be pretty blessed. I have a great family, some good friends, a couple of dogs (who are hard work but very satisfying), I do a job I really enjoy and generally life is full of things I like.


That’s not to say that its all rosy, “into every garden a little rain must fall” as Ella Fitzgerald sang, but this isn’t the place to dwell upon that.


And therein lies the rub; I promised you blogs about my weight so here goes. I’m no oil painting, but in terms of weight its not too bad. My weight has been pretty constant all of my adult life. In pictures of me as a teenager I was the archetypal 9 stone weakling. I gained a bit as time went on but until my forties my weight was pretty constant. Major surgery is a pretty drastic way to shed pounds but my whipples 5 years ago took about two and a half stone off me and since then I’ve monitored my weight at around 82 – 84 kg, which seems to be a weight that my surgeons are happy with. I’m around 5 foot 10 inches and on most of the charts you can find on line (and in GP surgeries) that makes me overweight (not obese but definitely overweight), which I don’t consider myself to be.

Bmi Chart For Body, Weight And Height For Different Age within Men's Weight Chart By Age And Height

I get plenty of exercise, the dogs demand about 5k a day, and I swim and cycle a fair bit . In fact I’ve been monitoring distance travelled since January for something called NHS1000miles. The object being to cover 1000 miles during 2018. I’m well on track with an average of 30 miles a week at the moment.

Back to being blessed, I’ve never been a person who has dieted for occasions such as holidays. I don’t really need a beach body, I cant recall many people who are done any favours by a wetsuit and even the Michelin man would struggle to look overweight in ski gear so that hasn’t ever been a real problem. I’m not sure that anyone is ever going to tell me I look good on the dance floor but that’s more about my moves than about my shape. The other thing is on the few occasions when I have intentionally shed a few pounds it generally all goes from my face, where I least need it to shift from and hardly any goes from my waist where it might be better to evaporate from, with the result that I look gaunt.


My downfall is that I like food, and I’m also not averse to the odd beer or three. I think I have reasonable will power in most respects but show me a plate of food or a nice bottle of red and I’m away, which is troubling me a bit on the lead up to the wing walk. I stepped on the scales this morning at 84kg, up about 4 since Christmas and only 3 below maximum flying weight. To be honest its not that I eat unhealthily, its just that I eat too much and the more I think about needing to keep an eye on it the worse it seems to get, I’ve eaten more cakes and donuts in the few days since I signed up than I probably had in the whole of the last month. So while actually getting up on the plane is the major bit of the challenge I need to get to grips with keeping my weight down as well.


So while I’m worrying about a few KG here is a little something from the beautiful South which strangely popped up on the radio while I was composing this blog

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