All getting a bit real (and very exciting)

So at long last the plan seems to be coming together. Ive signed a formal document for planets charity so its all official. Overnight stops, and so by default route sort of planned and itinerary laid out. First day is going to be a gentle start with a short leg from Cherbourg down to Grandcamp Maisy (about 44 miles). From there our longest day will see around 76 miles across to Honfleur. Day three is a shorter one of 64 miles down to Acquigny, leaving us just a 64 mile Jaunt down to gay Paris. Put like that it sounds OK, challenging but OK. This trip is going to be entirely self funded, hence budget hotels,  because neither of us feel its right to put any donations towards the costs of what hopefully will be a road trip to remember.

Put it into the context that each day will be roughly what we did on last years London to Brighton, it sounds a bit harder, but hopefully we won’t face anything like the beast that was Ditchling Beacon (please Matt tell me we won’t). So just the ferry to book then and its all systems go. Oh perhaps the other thing we need to do is get some training in. Now I’ve done 50km (took me around 2 hours) over the last two days so a reasonable start but still a long way to go. Oh yes and the fundraiser page is live at:

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