Everybodys gotta learn sometime

So as the prospect of 400km in four days draws ever closer, its clear that I need to get get back in the saddle and start racking up some miles. So this morning, up with the lark (always assuming that lark isn’t really a morning bird) I decided that it was time to make a start. To be truthful I was geed on by my Dad who along with Mum is visiting and  asked how much training I had done. (which reminds me don’t ask Siri what is zero divided by zero, unless you want to get a sarcastic answer about cookies). So back to the bike. As I don’t get to see my folks often enough the plan was to get up early and get a few miles in before breakfast, and in my head I was thinking a half hour ride would be a start cos “everyones gotta start somewhere”. So I set off early with that thought in my head that quickly morphed into an old Korgis (and I always thought that was Corgis) song from the 80’s that stuck with me for the whole ride. “Everybody’s gotta learn sometime” well I was thinking its not really learn, more remember. So what did I remember and what did I learn:


  1. The saddle on my road bike is razor sharp
  2. UK road users don’t give cyclists any respect but one of the things I’m looking forward to is that apparently in France other road (la Rue) users share the space .
  3. Uk roads are full of rough patches/potholes they hurt (ref 1 above)


  1. Be organised, I set off and found that my tyres were flat
  2. I forgot my sunnies, next time I will check all my kit before I start off . #kitbrix

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