I’ll have a P Please Bob

Todays blog title on the face of it risks dating myself by referring to a children’s TV show (Blockbusters) that started in the 1980’s, but stick with it (theres lots of other ways to show your age). And actually I just found out that although it started with Bob Holness in 1983 it had a fairly long run and was actually hosted (albeit only once) by Simon Mayo as recently as 2012. A quick you tube search does though find evidence that “I’d like a P please Bob” wasn’t the urban myth that I’d always imagined it to be.


Anyway I digress, still stricken with man-flu which is seriously hampering my training regime, I have decided that if I can’t get out on the bike then I will employ the 5 P’s principle, and turn my attention to getting as prepared as I can (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance) I’m sure theres a 6th P but as this is a family blog I’ll leave that to the imagination. Coincidentally I saw a Facebook post today quoting Mungo Jerry (from, In the summertime, and now a Dorset resident) saying “the best way to get ahead is to get started”. So if I can’t get on the bike I’ll start by making sure I’m as prepared as I can be. To be honest I’m not really sure what that entails, having never taken on a challenge like this its difficult to know what we might need. Puncture and repair kits, basic tools and spares, route, nutrition (probably best left till nearer to the time), cycling kit, sunnies and sun cream (hopefully). Do you know what with 14 weeks to go I think its best to just get in the saddle and get some miles covered. In the meantime enjoy one of these blockbuster clips. I’ll give you a clue the Sweet were one of my favourite bands back in the day and this track was one of their best (although Wig Wam Bam was probably better)


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