Bank Holiday Blues (and Silvers)

May bank holiday is upon us and although I’ve spoken to friends in other parts of the country who are basking in sunshine, Sadly that’s not the case today, or yesterday here in Poole. Now normally I wouldn’t mind a bit of rain, this is a beautiful part of the country and I count myself lucky to have so many fantastic natural features on my doorstep, the New forest on one side and beaches like Sandbanks, Bournemouth and Poole on the other, or The spectacular coastline of Old Harry a short hop away.

The rain takes the edge off of them slightly but nevertheless it’s gorgeous down here. However like many locals, we rarely go to them on Bank holidays, (unless we have visitors), preferring to avoid the influx of tourists and allowing the out of towners a brief glimpse of our heritage, so again a rainy bank holiday doesn’t really phase me. This time though I’ve only got about 13 weeks left to prepare for the 2017 challenge and I was really banking ( no pun intended) on getting out on my bike. Domestic duties prevailed on Saturday as a garden fence was in need of some paint and so the sunniest day of the holiday was swallowed up applying Silver Copse (the silver in the blog title, which doesn’t refer to my hair colour) to that leaving me free on both Sunday and Monday to do some cycling. The weather gods though had different ideas and it poured down most of Sunday and while Monday started off with a blaze of sunshine, by the time I was about to go out it had started to rain again. I guess the climate in Northern France offers no guarantees of sunshine in July, but if there’s no need then I’m not In a hurry to cycle in the rain here. So plan b, yet again I’m resorting to the trusty indoor steed and pedalling out a few km on the stationary bike instead. Looking out of the window the sun is trying to chase the clouds away but too late for me today, perhaps I ‘ll get some miles in one evening later this week. So 27km 60 minutes indoors will have to do.


Ps, I haven’t really got the blues, life is too good to let it rain on your parade, but it’s a good excuse to break out the classic Miles Davis. Enjoy


Happy bank holiday!

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