My white bicycle

Twelve weeks today and we will be embarking on the 2017 challenge. So tonight I got on my bike and got some more miles in. I’ve found a fairly nice route that after a few miles gets into the forest and away from traffic so that was the basis of this evenings 40km. My mind generally wanders to all sorts of places but today has been a bit of an odd day work wise and I found I kept going over and over something that happened today. Eventually though I parked those thoughts and got into the cycling mindset. And then it was gone.

As you know my motivation for these challenges is to be a fundraiser for Planets, but I’m very aware that there are many other good causes out there and many other diseases that will probably get us all in the end. At the moment I’m very close to people suffering from the cruelty of Dementia and I have a former work colleague in a very dark place relating to breast cancer. It is so true that none of us are getting out of this life alive, but it also seems very cruel when you can see the suffering of so many diseases. One way or another something will get us all, possibly even the stepping under the proverbial bus. I said earlier on that my motivation is Planets, but there’s also an element of keeping myself fit, not only to add years to my life but also to add life to my years. I’m blessed in my life to have so many s friends and family that are good people, if Planets is your kind of thing then please donate, if another of these causes suits you better please help them out.

As well as Planets I personally will be supporting breast, testicular and prostate cancer causes and of course Alzheimer’s this year.

On a happier note my blank wandering mind tonight looking down at my carbon steed and trawling my seemingly endless head full of old 70’s and 80’s songs came up with this golden oldie. Enjoy this track from Nazareth.

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