A Tarquin moment

What a great bank holiday, best I’ve had in a long time. Little Bro visited, my folks were down, everyone played nicely and we had a great time. Even the weather has been pretty good, sure we had some terrific thunder storms but most of the rain was at night and the mornings were warm and dry.

So, little Bro has a new puppy the lovely Wandle a working cocker about 12 weeks old, this was his first weekend away and both dogs behaved really well together.

I’m not normally a fan of weather forecasts, preferring more to look out of the door and take whatever is there, however Sunday morning was pretty much spot on, forecast to be sunny till around mid day and then for rain, so we headed off to Steamer Point, our favourite beach for swimming (and it has a nice cafe for breakfast afterwards), got a swim in went for breakfast and met up with the folks. As predicted and bang on time the heavens opened and rain stopped play, we decamped indoors for the breakfast sarnies.

The Tarquin moment came when we went back to the happy van to get changed. In one of his earlier blogs little bro wrote about the vagaries of the lost property at his local pool and pondered on how some of the little luvvies from the local schools could mislay some fundamental items of clothing. So back at the van I’m all dressed and ready to go whilst Bro is turning the place upside down looking for his underwear. At the same time there seemed to be a pair of boxers in the footwell, that I didn’t recognise and he was adamant were not his (and regardless there are never spare pants on the floor). So there we go brotherly love now seems to extend to the sharing of underwear.

Back to the main event, the swim, the sea was as warm as I can remember for a swim, and it was the usual degree of visibility (zero), but at least we made a start on training for the forthcoming seahorse swim. Probably need to get a cycle or two in next in prep for Poole to Paris.

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