Don’t stop me now (I’m having such a good time) and I’m a little bit scared!

Another great weekend on the training front. I set myself the target of doing two good long runs on consecutive days. With an eye on the fact that we will be having to cover considerable distances each day, every day for four days the object was to feel good about getting back on the bike for a second day and I got there comfortably.

So the plan was just about getting miles in, I wasn’t fussed about where or how quickly just about being able to face the saddle again after a long session. After 60km on Saturday I was tired, no denying it. So when Sunday dawned and with aching knees getting back on the bike wasn’t an attractive proposition but a plan is a plan and on top of that I had spent Saturday evening swapping my pedals over so that my road bike shoes and cleats would work on the bike. Now its no secret that the cleats scare the living daylights out of me and so my thinking was to wear odd shoes on odd pedals so that I always had one foot free and therefore would reduce the likelihood of taking a tumble.

OK it looked a bit odd but training and practice are all about trying things out and so I took the opportunity to test out my new cleats. With one foot free I wasn’t quite as scared as I usually am. The new cleats (or more properly Cleat) felt good on my left foot and I tried to get my head into a place where as I changed down gear approaching potential stops, that I flicked my ankle to free up my foot. Mostly it worked but there is a junction approaching Sway where I just didn’t want to slow down, partly for fear of freeing up my foot, partly for not wanting to break my momentum, and I swept past my cycling buddy that Queen song popped into my head, “Don’t stop me now” and that was it firmly fixed in my head.

Enjoy this little blast from Queen and lets look forward to “Bicycle Race” or “Fat bottomed Girls” coming up on a blog near here

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