Had to happen sometime.

A glorious sunny morning, a birthday gathering in the New Forest a great opportunity to spin the wheels and get some more training miles in. I read somewhere recently that training needn’t be a slog it should be enjoyed for what it is with the practice element as a by product. So we set off this morning with a destination in mind that was going to be a meeting point to celebrate a friends birthday. The practice turned out to be something unexpected. about 10 miles in it happened, a puncture and the opportunity to try out repairs at the roadside. Now I know it had to happen sometime and I’m quite pleased that it went ok but on a day when we were on a timeline to get to the meeting point before the surprisee, it wasn’t really the day to spend 15 minutes at the roadside.

Given the timing it was a good time to try something new, I foolishly wasn’t carrying a pump, but I was carrying a CO2 inflater. Hadn’t used one before, didn’t have any instructions but it was reasonably straightforward. The new inner tube went in ok the canister screwed on and the tyre inflated, the real surprise though was the supercooling effect that the canister is subjected to. That made me jump. 15 minutes and we were back on the road. Lesson learned, the pump at home in the garage is useless, its tricky to find the cause of a puncture at the side of the road but those little CO2 cans are a godsend.

So a little behind schedule but we made it to the meeting point just before the Birthday girl, although Dan is pretty poor at secrets so it wasn’t exactly a surprise for her. Its only the second time I’ve spent an afternoon in the forest and I was reminded what a great part of the world this is. Acres of open ground being freely enjoyed by families picnicing, walking, exercising dogs, playing ball games all having a good time. Every time I go into the Forest I’m surprised how nice it is and its quickly becoming a favourite place to cycle, (I’m even finding my way around better). Well a sunny afternoon flew by, the nutrition part of a  training day fell by the wayside, victim to pate, french bread pork pies and all the usual picnic food.

There was a tentative plan to cycle back, and perhaps we should have but that went to pot around the second slice of gala pie, and so plan B was implemented practice loading the bikes onto Skippy and then home.

Another weekend more lessons learned, 7 weeks to go!ribble3


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