Skippy 2 on Tour

Well its now 6 weeks to the day before our road trip and the time seems to be flying by. Got a bit of trip admin sorted today as my (or more properly, Skippy 2’s) CRIT’Air Air Quality Certificate arrived today. I only found out about this by chance but apparently to drive into Paris you now need to be showing this on your vehicle. I just need to decode the instructions on the verso. Skippy will be our support vehicle and so will be carrying our spares and food as well as going into Paris to retrieve the jubilant riders from under la Tour Eiffel.






Training is going well and we are now both pretty comfortable at racking up 40 km rides. that still leaves us a long way to go but after yesterdays Ebenezer route (Strava draws a picture of the route and yesterday portrayed a rather portly Abraham Lincoln/Ebeneezer Scrooge lookalike to depict our cycle),


I’m feeling pretty confident. We can usually rack up those 40km in a couple of hours so its just a matter of doubling that, and then repeating it for 4 days and it will be “jobs a goodun”.




We turned our thoughts yesterday to upping our game in terms of riding kit. Apparently a peak on your helmet is a bit of a no no for road bikes, so goodness only knows what they must think of my current practice of wearing one mountain bike shoe (cleatless, on my right foot) and one road bike shoe complete with cleat on my left foot, I don’t really care it helps me get used to the whole unclipping debacle that has in the past dumped me on the road a few times. I will get my act together and sort it within the next few rides.




We have also been experimenting with nutrition. Gels are a bit sticky, although the isotonic drinks are ok. The Snickers protein bars are a bit so so, and so its time to find something nice to recharge ourselves with. A small portion of mixed nuts was nice, next time it will be a tropical mix, hopefully matched by the weather.

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