Spots stop play

Well they didn’t exactly stop it but they have disrupted the training schedule just a bit. The Spots in question is a new Dalmatian that we have given a home to. Charlie is a 9 year old Male who needed a new home as his existing owner is unwell and couldn’t give him the care, attention and time he needed. We have been thinking since we had a few house guests recently that we could have a second dog as company for (the Princess) Bella. So after a few e mail and telephone exchanges it was agreed that we would take Charlie on. So far it has gone really well with both dogs accepting a sharing arrangement. Charlie was (still is) a little timid, and Bella is busily establishing her place as top dog in the household. We have taken full advantage of the summer evenings to get down to Poole to walk along the prom. The dogs make a magnificent pair and attract lots of attention and strokes. The arrival has disrupted the training schedule a little but its back on track.

It is now just four weeks to go until we embark on the journey and the training runs are getting longer, but there is still loads more to do. The Ribble is in for a tune up and service this week so hopefully it will be running smoothly and the logistics bit now needs some attention. we havent really thought through the luggage/spares/nutrition bits of the trip, although I’ve been experimenting with fruit, nuts and jelly babies.

In a bit of a break from the cycling, this weekend (weather permitting) see

s the Seahorse swim, a (for me anyway) 2km, wetsuit swim in Studland bay, the male 2km wetsuit category seems to be the least popular class and that helped me to get about 6th place last year, well out of prize territory but respectable and enjoyable. This year I’m aiming for a medal, (which isn’t too ambitious as everyone gets one).

Once the swim is done it will be time to pump up the volume on the bike training and really get on it for these last few weeks. Looking forward to it.

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