Flying by

Wow! the year is racing by, it’s already July with over half of 2017 gone already, which means that Poole to Paris is this month. Yesterday saw the fantastic Seahorse Swim over at Studland. Despite the crack of dawn start, it was a glorious summers day, on the chain ferry at around 7am, arrived at Studland around half past and found the sea pancake flat. The swim was as well organised, if not a bit better, than last years and although I was well out of medal contention I was well pleased to do my 2k in 41 minutes (quicker than I usually manage in the pool). Now that the swim is done I can turn my full attention to getting miles under my belt. The bike is back from her service and the next few weeks will see me working on my fitness. I’ve got a small nagging pain on the lower outside of my right calf, which I could do with sorting.

I also need to bite the bullet as far as my cleats are concerned. I can’t recall if I’ve fessed up to this before but I’ve spent the last few months riding with odd shoes and pedals to get my confidence levels up on the cleat front, I really need to start using cleats on both feet, a prospect that scares me witless.

It also looks like I may have been able to get hold of a Planets branded cycling top. If that comes off it will be great to be able to fly the flag while on the bike.


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