Odd Shoe Shuffle

What a great weekend, its been a real scorcher, I’ve got two decent rides in, we had a great afternoon at a barbecue (note to self though Burgers and Baps are probably not ideal athlete food) and today has been a real chilled day with the dogs who are too hot really to do anything.pier

The only downer is that I still haven’t managed to ditch the odd shoe shuffle of my riding kit. You will recall that I didn’t have the nerve to go out with both feet cleated into my pedals and so I’ve been wearing odd shoes to gain my confidence. The confidence was upped a lot today as I spent time practicing and I’ve now got the hang of unclipping (the key seems to be in moving the shoe and not just the foot inside it). I don’t think I had a single incident this weekend that was shoe related so I promise that my next ride will be bi cleated. I just need to find the very small amount of time to swap my pedal over.

Which brings me to a different topic, in another of my pass times I have a motorbike, the motorbiking fraternity always acknowledge one another onthe road and I thought that two wheeled etiquette might extend to human powered two wheelers, but apparently not. Now I’m not sure if the fact that I commit a major fashion faux-pas by cycling a road bike and wearing a mountain bike helmet has anything to do with it or if its my baggy boy shoe that does it but either way I’m frequently ignored by the roadies when I acknowledge them. that I don’t mind too much, if they are too fixated on their pedalling to notice thats not my problem. Im more bothered by the number of cars who seem to not notice, or worse don’t think bikes should be on their road. I had one today with a  lady driver in a Ford Escape, there aren’t too many of those on the roads here (although this one was one too many in my view), who managed to pull across me from a side road, then swiftly indicated left to cut back across me for a parking space, and then for her hat trick when there was a queue for that space just swung out again without looking, nearly clipping me three times in the space of less than a minute. Once I’d avoided her for the third time though it was down onto the front and a reminder of what a gorgeous place this is to live. 65Km down this weekend and less than three weeks to go.


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