Getting close now

Well two weeks today and it will be here. Time for a few more decent blasts and probably need to get round to the logistics. At the moment I know when we are supposed to be where (roughly), so I know its a ferry from Poole to Cherbourg and that our first night is at Grandcamp Maisy (wherever that might be), followed by overnights in Honfleur, Acquigny and then Paris. Mrs W in Skippy 2 as support probably needs a map, come to think of it we probably need a map. Still yesterday saw two significant steps one positive and the other positive (if you look hard enough for the silver lining in that particular cloud). So step one me, me, me. My official Planets cycling vest arrived, so now I’m all logo’d up and look the part (Pretty in pink, thanks Doug).


The silver lining issue is that my cycle buddy, we are still calling him Matt, (but perhaps will be changing that to Paul) took a bit of a tumble yesterday whilst mountain biking. The series of texts I got from him yesterday ranged from “Took a tumble off to A&E” through a whole range of “bored waiting”, “looking a bit more serious”, “Off to surgery”, “Too late to cancel now”, “May need to borrow your exercise bike”. All of which don’t sound good but at least he now has time on his hands which he can put to use setting up our Facebook page (looks like he has started), working out a route, oh and getting well soon Matt.

Oh and as I like a bit of a song heres Pretty in pink. Enjoy! (I didn’t know that it was a film too)

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