Raise your aim

Seriously counting down now with the plan to just keep the wheels turning until Thursday. This morning the dogs woke me up quite early and after laying awake listening to the rain hammering down overnight, I was quite surprised to see that it had stopped. I wanted to test out the way the GXP maps that Matt sorted worked on the phone so I thought that as I was up and it wasn’t raining I’d slip out for a quick loop or two.

It often happens when I’m on the bike that my mind wanders and odd words spring mind that then turn into an ear worm, an irritating loop of a song (often not even one i especially liked), but todays was pretty special. The sun came out and as I added a bit of distance to the planned loop I found myself on the outskirts of Poole (about 4 miles or so from home) when the heavens opened and I found the word that popped into my head was “Stupid”. I’d done a few loops close to home, I’d tested out the sat nav stuff, I could have gone home and had a cuppa and that Bacon bap that my tum was telling me were a great start to Saturday morning. Instead my heart had said to me just a quick scoot down to Poole and get a glimpse of the sea. I love just sight of the sea, it always puts life into perspective. Theres a line from Lee Ann Womack in “I hope you dance” that goes “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the Ocean” its a great sentiment and works for me every time, come to think of it that’s a song I quite like for its lyrics, but no today my head punished me with hat word stupid, why are you still out getting soaked and then there was my ear worm “Shoot that poison arrow” from ABC, “you think you’re smart, STUPID STUPID” round and round in my head as I got wetter and wetter, but to be fair there are a few better lines in that song and as I got closer to home I focused on the better,  “Lower your sights, but raise your aim”. Paris is definitely in the sights now, I’ve hosed down the Ribble and I’m ready for the off.

Its custom to include some music, take your pick from ABC or Lee Ann (I just watched both, I know where I’m going)


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