5 Years time

As this years challenges rushes ever closer, I’ve started thinking this time next week and we will have beaten it. That also means that in a few days time it will be August and it has just dawned on me that my Planets journey actually started 5 years ago this August. Who would have known then what this 5 years might bring.

A routine trip to the blood donors session in Poole and a rejection from them for being “a bit anaemic”, go home have a nice steak dinner and some red wine and come back and see us soon. That “little bit anaemic” triggered a whole load of stuff and set me off on the path to some major surgery. It’s not necessary to re run that story but it is probably appropriate to say that in my quest to get back to pre op levels of fitness, I’ve taken on things I would never previously have considered and as well as the huge sense of achievement that comes with each of them, and the opportunity to put something back into the planets pot I’ve proved plenty of things to myself. I’m a huge Bowie fan and the first track that springs to mind is 5 years from the fantastic Ziggy era, but in the circumstances I think this little offering from Noah and the whale is a bit more upbeat and appropriate. Enjoy.

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