5 Years on (Reflection)

So with the main 2017 challenge out of the way its time for some reflections. I’m writing this sitting in the out patient clinic, waiting for my 5th annual follow up, so seems like an appropriate time.


The ride to Paris coined a few memorable phrases for us both. Firstly “Having a Sunday morning ride” will be indelibly imprinted on our memories as a catch all for “If it can go wrong, it will”. That’s not to say that it was all bad but we certainly experienced the whole Murphys Law experience as we completed the last leg. Misrouted by sat nav, cleat failures, late arrivals and missed departures sums it up.


The second phrase relates to the fact that the worst experiences we had with traffic always involved a car with a trailer, leading to them being given a nickname that can’t be repeated here, but if you are familiar with the TV series The In-betweeners and can recall the bus stop scene you will be able to figure it out.


The ride itself was a great experience, certainly harder than either of us had envisaged. The French roads and traffic were really nice in the main and apart from the unpaved road bit (another satnav malfunction), they were as we expected. They were definitely hillier than I had expected and although I’m always pretty pragmatic (some might say gung ho) I had a moment or two one day one when the size of the challenge felt overwhelming. We also had the live tracker set up so people could follow our route, although anyone watching on Sunday morning must have wondered what we were up to with our detour. We passed the time talking about all sorts of topics and occasionally Matt sang, but then what’s a road trip without a soundtrack?


I mentioned once before the sense of futility about the history of the area. It’s not somewhere I’ve been before but I would certainly think about going back to Normandy for a history trip. I was also reminded of its Cider heritage although we didn’t sample any (Matt went for Pomme Presse a few times) and of course it’s a great place for seafood.


So thats the ride done, time to start thinking about next years challenge, but in the meantime I’ve got that 5 year follow up.


Writing interrupted for the consultation, glad to report that all is well my CT scan shows no issues and I’m told that whilst I will continue to need an annual review I no longer need an annual CT scan. He did go on to say that 5 years is a particular milestone in terms of the plumbing joints etc. apparently there isn’t a huge evidence bank for post 5 years. Heres to the next one and perhaps time for that Bowie track.


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